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Re: “Escalation

Finally, a local media source has taken the time and space to provide the most thorough account yet of a police force out of control. Looking back at the recurring civilian deaths over the last 10 years, none of the alleged crimes, if adjudicated, were punishable by death.

I remember the lone officer chasing a truant 16 year old allegedly "brandishing a knife" who hadn't harmed anyone, shot dead, ("Burgess"?) , and an emotionally distraught woman "brandishing a flare gun" shot dead in her apartment without any efforts to "talk her down" by a professional, and 22 year old "McClain" shot dead in his front yard, and now, dozens of stray bullets in downtown Eureka???

Are you kidding me?

A big part of Eureka's problem, never covered by media, is that its law enforcement is funded for a city of 28,000 when, in reality, it's a city 3 times that size when you include the border communities that rely on Eureka for everything. If Eureka is going to require officers to manage mental illness, addicts, children, and homelessness, in addition to what they're trained should be obvious that we can expect inappropriate, disproportionate police responses that endanger as much as protect. I want a fully-funded police force patrolling my neighborhood, not chasing the homeless from one bush to another.

If Eureka's political "leadership" cared more about its multiple fiscal maladies than the financial interests of a handful of propertied old-families and make concerted efforts to expand its borders, it wouldn't have had these needless deaths, three closed elementary schools, streets unsafe to walk or drive, and one-hundred million dollars of unfunded infrastructure liabilities.

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Posted by Catherine Smith on 12/23/2016 at 6:49 PM

Re: “Escalation

+Joel Mielke, I'm not quite sure what part of 44 bullets fired by cops that you're missing?? You obviously feel cops should have carte blanche to shoot as many bullets as they like regardless of how many people they endanger. Witnesses will most certainly tell what really happen. Just because cops have badges doesn't give them the right to shoot like wild men on city streets. If witnesses prove this guy was much less of a danger than the cops are claiming, then at least one cop should be fired asap. It's our right and duty as citizens to hold all parts of government (especially law enforcement) accountable for their actions.

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Posted by Coletta Van Loon on 12/22/2016 at 7:36 PM

Re: “Dear Shlomo,

That's the nitty-gritty all right. You cut succinctly to the bottom line of this whole situation. It takes some time and a great deal of experience to get to the core of scams like his - hidden behind dummy corporations and partnerships - preying on complex manipulations of poorly understood and monitored government entitlement programs. Kinda reminds me of Trump's complex and entangled corporate dealings under consistent audit by the IRs and his assuming control of the nation without revealing his tax returns or otherwise giving full disclosure to the public re: potential conflict of interest between his own interests and their interests / interest of the nation. All the while filling his cabinet with 1%ers similarly experienced with increasing their personal coffers with exorbitant corporate profits gained at the expense of the little guys and gals and the natural environment of America. None of them ever experienced working within government - always whining about governmental interference interfering with their personal profit making. They didn't drain the swamp, they filled it with alligators.

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Posted by Phil Braun on 12/22/2016 at 9:24 AM

Re: “Escalation

His "only alleged crimes at that point were fleeing the scene of a traffic stop, briefly brandishing a weapon and evading an officer"? He also brandished a weapon during a carjacking, but I suppose that it was only "briefly."

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Posted by Joel Mielke on 12/21/2016 at 2:46 PM

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