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Re: “So You Want to Start/Stop Smoking Weed

Quit smoking that dope! It does nothing for you! If you want to get no place, and be nothing
then keep on getting high! Taking drugs in general will ruin your whole life, and, can end it entirely. Pot is THE gateway drug. It is NOT medicine. It makes you stupid and paranoid, and not much else.

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Posted by Taurus Balzhoff on 01/07/2017 at 6:38 AM

Re: “All the Fake News You Can Smoke

I liked the "Become a media critic" part of this editorial best!

"If a media source is telling you exactly what you want to hear, it's probably biased"

I believe we as individuals trusts more what makes us feel good first before looking up the validity of what is written. And if someone may have shared an opposing view and it be reality or close to because it is against what made another feel good, they are attacked. It is too bad people can not disagree without attacking opposing views and at the same time take a step back and consider all the facts outside those that feel good.

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Posted by Charles Bean on 01/02/2017 at 10:46 AM

Re: “Puff, Puff, Pence

In addition to the long list of horrors before us, everyone should also know just how heartless, mean, angry and bigoted Pence really is.
While governor he eliminated funding for HIV prevention. Gone. Poof. Kicked 'em to the gutter.
Gee, guess what happened? The HIV infection rate soared in following times.
Pence is a jackal, true, but he isn't ignorant enough not to see a cause and affect with such horror.
The rest of the story being that now there are folks infected who could have been saved, they will all need to be helped in varying degrees for the rest of their lives....or as Pence would prefer, they just die and get the hell out of the way.
He seems to believe that only people who deserve it get infected.
This is one of those instances where if I believed in a god(s) I would have bruised knees from so much praying.
Doomed, I tell ya. This country has been taken over by the barbarians. Who's gonna stop them? They own the whole damn store.
Good bye, 'merica. Democracy almost worked.

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Posted by Mr. Geezer on 12/22/2016 at 10:22 AM

Re: “Gateway, Drugs

Perhaps they should have looked at the law.
The one log house is across the street from a church and it's also a kids summer camp.
That's the real story.

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Posted by johnny on 12/11/2016 at 8:46 AM

Re: “Not Even From Around Here

Linda - This article was a great piece of writing and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I wanted to talk about a piece of history largely ignored in Humboldt County and that is the migration of the Okies that moved to Humboldt in the 40's and 50's.

I got here in 1952 as a one-year old and we spent the next 6 years living in Salmon Creek area next to the old Hansen mill. We brought along grandparents and uncles and aunts and nephews and cousins. We provided a lot of the labor for many of the local sawmills, including Morrison-Jackson and others I no longer remember.

We weren't particularly liked by the locals. I was called Okie in school and many a kid bigger than me went home with a bruise and a better appreciation of Okie upbringing. We were accused of being liars and thieves and drunks but almost no one accused us of being lazy. And that was a good thing.

I recall one time my family got together in Garberville for a Christmas/New Years party in an old Victorian. As was often a problem with my family, people got contentious the more they drank. My mother sent my two older brothers down to the closest pay phone to call the cops. When the oldest told the cops what was going on, he was asked, "What's your last name son?" Needless to say we never saw the police that night, although we did meet a very nice CHP on the way home. But that's a story for another time.

Also, Humboldt saw mini-migrations of Swedes and Norwegians and Mexicans. And like many of the groups that migrated here, we were dirt-poor and our labor and our minds eventually brought us a place with those who came before.

Everybody here was from some place else to begin with and that seems pretty normal to me.


Posted by on 12/10/2016 at 2:36 AM

Re: “Stop It

Well said!

Posted by Loretta Lynne James on 12/07/2016 at 12:47 PM

Re: “Stop It

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Posted by Patricia Gair on 11/30/2016 at 8:00 AM

Re: “Stop It

This has to be one of the best commentaries I've ever read. Bravo!

Posted by Victoria Davis on 11/29/2016 at 10:49 AM

Re: “Stop It

Girl has had enough!!!!!

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Posted by Ruby Reed on 11/28/2016 at 11:29 AM

Re: “Points on the Package

So any comments to the editor regarding this article will be published after the election.

Posted by Fred Fletcher on 11/03/2016 at 8:03 AM

Re: “Better Than Status Quo, Prop 64 Protects Us All

@ John 1: Yes, "silly" you; the opposing view is another article--see the link in the Editor's note at the beginning?!

The main problem with all those other initiatives you mentioned is that the folks pushing them haven't even so much as gathered half the signatures needed to get them on the ballot in over twenty years of alleged trying, which is kind of suspect since Richard Lee got his on the ballot all by himself, none of those nasty old "corporate billionaires" needed ... !

Sorry, we're done waiting around while the medical industry enjoys the high prices and no competiton of a prohibition market, and demonstrates no real inclination to move forward, other than a lot of noise *now* that their de facto monopoly is going away--and that's from the MCRSA, whether Prop 64 wins or fails ...

"The policy discourse around this issue has too often been poisoned with the same kind of misinformation and fear tactics that have been perpetuated by institutional anti-marijuana forces since the days of Reefer Madness." Absolutely goddamn right.

Posted by Miles Monroe on 10/24/2016 at 3:56 PM

Re: “Vote No for a Safer Community

Cops wants Prohibition. It is a jobs program for them, and an avenue for corruption.
The argument about the children is so tired. Kids always have access to dangerous conditions and substances, as we live on planet Earth
A No Vote is about keeping the status quo of law enforcement abuse of our citizens and empowers the worst of cartels and gangsters nationwide.
Yes on 64. It's not perfect but we need to head out of the shadow of this racist and ill conceived experiment of outlawing a plant.
To quote Bill Hicks, it's like saying God made a mistake to outlaw an herb. All plants are an offering from God.

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Posted by jointhe future on 10/24/2016 at 10:53 AM

Re: “Vote No for a Safer Community

thank you 'adaminoregon' , this is common sense that the uninformed need to read, (so much backward thinking, people still believe old myths from 'drug propaganda film, The devils weed ' ! )

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Posted by basketdeplored on 10/21/2016 at 9:45 PM

Re: “Better Than Status Quo, Prop 64 Protects Us All

John 1, those polls specifically asked about prop 64 and not the general question of "do you support marijuana legalization, yes or no?" You can try to deny that all you want as prohibitionists often do end up resorting to denial. This law is just as good and in some ways better than the 4 legalization laws already approved and will also greatly weaken the federal prohibition as well. I'm not listening to the "wait for a better law" line that is almost a decade old now and will also be around again the next time a chance to legalize would come along. The only regrettable thing here is maintaining prohibition and allowing the failed policy of prohibition to continue on instead of weakening it.

Polls that specifically ask about prop 64:

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Posted by superstorm250 on 10/21/2016 at 4:49 PM

Re: “Better Than Status Quo, Prop 64 Protects Us All

Worst "legalization" scheme ever pushed at California! And pushed this time by a team of cannabis hating Big Wigs...Dr Donald The Lying Man Lyman and Newsom both detest cannabis and consider daily smokers as the addicts this type of legalization will cure. Newsom's fantasy is that his young daughter can grow up in California and never have to smell Marijuana...not he promotes this Legal-Lies 64 bs. Is anyone really paying attention? Guess we'll know in 3 weeks.

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Posted by Patrick Moore on 10/21/2016 at 3:19 PM

Re: “Vote No for a Safer Community

Wow this letter is filled with nonsense. These arguments have been debunked for years, and even if they were true, it still doesn't mean cannabis should remain illegal for adults. Its as if these guys don't realize cannabis has been used for decades in Humboldt. It isn't being introduced now.
The reason there is crime around cannabis is because its illegal. Many of those problems go away in a regulated market. Of course it would also mean Humboldt will need a whole lot less cops. That is why these police are afraid of the change.
There is no place that has re-legalized cannabis that is ever going to go back. States are making millions of dollars. Humboldt has the potential to be the Napa Valley of cannabis. Even if this law isn't perfect, it will keep thousands of people from being hassled for a victimless crime. It will free up police to worry about real crime. It will make your county millions of dollars. It will keep more cannabis away from children then what we have now.It will create a new industry that will employ thousands of people. Vote YES.

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Posted by adaminoregon on 10/21/2016 at 12:23 PM

Re: “Better Than Status Quo, Prop 64 Protects Us All

Silly me, I thought you were going to represent 2 Different points of view in this article.
Other than one sentence in the 4th paragraph, where you said you respect those concerns.
There seems to be only one point of view in this story and it is that of someone who is in favor of Prop 64 !

You may see these so called "Polls" showing 60% support, let me tell you what that is all about, there is 60% or more support for Legalization, not for Prop 64.
WAIT CALIFORNIA WE CAN DO BETTER, THIS INITIATIVE IS GARBAGE, There are already several more initiatives written by people who are actualy part of the Cannabis Community, not a bunch of corporate lawyers, which is Obviously who wrote this one !


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Posted by John 1 on 10/21/2016 at 7:28 AM

Re: “Better Than Status Quo, Prop 64 Protects Us All

The main point is that cannabis has been illegal about 40 years too long. Cannabis should be grown on farmland, by businesspersons, freely traded, widely available, cheap, and taxed. Anyone wishing to grow their own, should be able to do so.
Prohibition has fostered so many local problems, and crimes against persons and the environment, which escalate every year in severity, in a county ill equipped and underfunded to deal with ANY social issue, crime, drugs or mental health.
Legal weed will cause some economic shock, but the quality of Humboldt weed and the cache of our boutique pot will not be reduced. The products of our county, with local control and compliance, could enjoy worldwide status and distribution. The Humboldt brand will continue to set the standard, our growers will be respected, and our identity will not be challenged by anyone, anywhere. Legalization will put pride in your product, while filtering out the pirates. The end result will be to legitimize your services and products, and put them permanently into the actual economy. The value is there, develop the market! Go forward without fear!

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Posted by Taurus Balzhoff on 10/21/2016 at 6:29 AM

Re: “The Cannabis TEA Party

I'm not a grower, but I think these taxes are way out of hand. And $7 million annually when the deficit is in the hundreds of millions?? How would these state officials like it if their income was suddenly lowered by $15k/year for an empty promise of smoother roads?

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Posted by GK Chase on 10/15/2016 at 11:23 AM

Re: “Not Even From Around Here

I think this is one side of the argument. But I see a different side. The Bulgarians or Eastern Europeans are heavily funded from big money organizations. They have offered me money to run my property, all upfront(in spring) and they have made the same offer to other neighbors. They are also buying large tracts of land at above market prices. As someone who cares about the livability and character of my neighborhood, this is a problem. I don't want my hood to turn into a third world feeling, drug producing, gun toting(yes they shoot all the time) place. I will admit, I prefer loggers, hippys, and the other unique characters that have lived in these hills and I really don't like the big money people AT ALL. All races included, but the organized crime people in particular. Which happen to be Eastern European at this time.
Of course there are friendly bulgys, that's not the point! It's the bigger picture. I'm sure I could write up a great story about a wonderful plantation owner back in the good old days, but that doesn't mean it's an acceptable way to do things in the bigger picture. We need to police our rural neighborhoods ourselves or the police and f&g are going to be all over us, as they are beginning to do. Time to wake up and stop the p.correct handwringing people. That's my opinion!

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Posted by usually right on 09/23/2016 at 8:49 AM

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