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Re: “My Friend Antonio

I work in the nursing homes. This obituary saddens and angers me. The author was not privvy to the extensive interventions provided to Antonio and the other residents whom he has written of in other publications because of HIPPA. The medical professionals who work in these facilities have made elder care their life's work and are guided by codes of ethics. The work in nursing homes is very difficult and becoming more so as the population in SNfs in California is increasingly younger, more violent, homeless, drug addicted, and mentally ill. As a medical professional I consider myself an advocate for patients against bureaucracy and monied interests. We cannot provide optimal care alone. We need more eyes from families and community members in nursing homes to observe and report to us when we are failing our precious seniors. Much more worthwhile than reporting perceived fault in the newspaper would be to improve the quality of life of seniors by coming in to offer routine human contact or hosting an activities group (meditation, poker, religious). Just leave the self righteousness at home.

Posted by concerned CitizenJ on 05/21/2016 at 11:05 AM

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