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Re: “Didn't See That Coming

So long sixteen, youve been quite the year
Now, with the election over, its the result that I fear
With tweets from a twit in stunning array
Trumps taken this country to my painful dismay.

How dumb can folks be
Who threw in their lot
With a guy whod brag
About grabbin a twat?

A campaign bully, a trust funded jerk
He dumbed down his message, and made it work
Ignoring history, hed make up a fact
False news they called it Fox News backed!

Spewing mismis...misogyny
Marked by his disdisdishonesty
He found some appeal, he did find some backers
Like David Dukes and white Southern crackers

I still marvel how he with the mighty thin skin
Could convince even ducks that they couldnt swim
And sell real dumb fucks theory best found in comics
Case in point: trickle - down economics

Ill always remember, in a not so fond way
The revisionist drivel spawned by Kellyanne _ _ _ _ _ _
And that kiss-ass suck-up Chris Christie
He with the integrity of your average rice krispy

Explain to me how this electoral college
Lacks walls or classrooms to the best of my knowledge
Yet can validate 2nd place losers by popular vote
And turn them to winners that so get my goat?

Is this college a fraud? Is it open to folks like me too?
Or is it an illusion like the notorious Trump U
Its scary to think what was done to Al Gore
But its happened again, add one Dem more

As this year ends and Mr. Obama retires
Weary from eight years of fighting the fires
I want to thank my President, with his tested tough chin
Who weathered raw racism again and again!

To be succeeded by a new leader of the pack
The pack leader to be who told Putey to hack
Who tweets away like hes strung out on crack
Who means what he says but dont know Jack

Hes an entitled man child, thats putting it mild
He walks like a man and talks like a child
But theres more to this boy its the sum of his parts
That clouds the air like smelly old farts

When that air is polluted by more corporate profit
The water unfit because Trump thought little of it
When the country goes broke building some stupid wall
Tell me people, who ya gonna call?

With a soul which is sold through conflicts of interest
A prep school general who quite clearly pimped us,
will be deep in the swamp - with his ass nipped by gators
And when the economy flips, well all be Trump haters!

The redeeming knowledge held by each democrat
Is our Prez is still young, therell always be that
And old Don will have a sound critic, the one whos been there
The man still respected, for whom we still care

The man who came in / saved the economys ass
Who spoke with eloquence, the one who at last
Pulled us out of Iraq and stopped the damnation
Of dropping bombs on that troubled nation.

I cant wait for Barrack to lead the opposition
The public rallies are gonna be YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!

To all GOP who ducked Clinton for this?
To Mitch McConnell
To Ted Cruz
To Chris Christie
To Kellyanne Conway
To Paul Ryan
To Trey Gowdy
To FBI Director Comey
To You Trump Sucking Lovers of guns, One per centers, Climate change deniers, Sexist misogynists and Racial bigots

You can lie to yourself that youre not the sexist, racist xenophobe that our next commander in grief is. You can also try convincing sheep that theyre really kimono dragons. But while you Trump stumpers practice your patriot tea party swagger, history will remember you for what your vote did to set this country back in 2016.

Posted by Phil Braun on 12/29/2016 at 7:59 AM

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