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Re: “'A Significant Threat': Eureka Responds to Lawsuit, Offers Contradictory Declarations

They might lose grant money......Oh, the horror. Maybe they should have planned alternative housing earlier than one month before? Just a suggestion....And yes, when you run a city poorly, you will lose grants and revenue. This is not the fault of the homeless, they are not responsible for city planning.

Posted by Altaira Hatton on 04/29/2016 at 4:14 AM

Re: “'Minimum Standards': Federal Suit Seeking to Halt Marsh Evictions to be Heard Friday

The real shame is the city's arbitrary and capricious deadline inviting a lawsuit, just like Frank Jager's "Mayor's Breakfasts" inviting a lawsuit, and Frank Jager's complicity in wrongfully terminating Eureka Police Chief Gar Nielsen just months before the chief's contract would expire...inviting another lawsuit.

Since no local media has bothered to tally what this mayor, or this county, has spent on their frivolous (losing) lawsuits, settlements, attorneys and staff time, Jager is free to cry all the Crocodile Tears he can muster against the justification and cost of civilian advocate's lawsuits.

Peter Martin is obviously correct, there's PLENTY of money for local government's surreptitious shenanigans. Maybe Eureka's mayor is inspired by the equally incompetent and brazen county supervisor's currently spending public money to fight the California Attorney General's investigation into Humboldt's Child Protection Services.

Kids and homelessness? Bahhh!

Eureka and Humboldt County deserve far better than this kind of petty and vindictive leadership desperate to find excuses to further destabilize the most vulnerable residents in Eureka without humane and stable alternatives.

Posted by Ted Nissen on 04/29/2016 at 12:03 AM

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