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Re: “Big Brands

Not surprising in the least. Bill Gates is a longtime legalization advocate. Microsoft money has gone to organizations such as NORML, Seattle Hempfest, Initiative 502 (WA state weed legalization), as well as funding the construction and maintenance of the Seattle Public Library.

Posted by WhoAreThesePeople? on 06/24/2016 at 8:39 AM

Re: “Pass Eric's Law

It is always challenging to write something that may be controversial. Consequently, it is really rewarding when someone as informed as Peter DeAndreis supports your effort. There are usually so many limits on free-expression that most of these things go unsaid. Thank you, Peter, for helping me to feel at least somewhat accurate.

Posted by Larry Hourany on 06/21/2016 at 9:08 PM

Re: “Worldly Weed

I once heard the English language described as being "organic and hospitable." Works for me.

Posted by Barry Jeffers1 on 06/21/2016 at 12:02 AM

Re: “Bravo, EPD!

Except, there's no problem or crime to "nip" Ann.

EPD needs to get off the computer and out of their cars to start addressing Eureka's record incidents of domestic abuse, child abuse, and property crime.

Posted by Sherry Farb on 06/18/2016 at 12:29 AM

Re: “Worldly Weed

i disagree with your last idea. ive always used the word marijuana. learned much later about hearst. he doesnt deserve immortality. let his name mean nothing.

Posted by Lexiconned on 06/17/2016 at 6:47 PM

Re: “Worldly Weed

Great article linda, I guess I am a word nerd, I love words and their home stories!

Posted by Jessie Wheeler on 06/16/2016 at 12:38 PM

Re: “Worldly Weed

Great article.
Ms Stansberry is a terrific journalist.

Posted by Mr. Geezer on 06/16/2016 at 12:03 PM

Re: “Pass Eric's Law

Thank you, Peter DeAndreis, for your letter. I agree entirely.

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Posted by elisaa on 06/16/2016 at 8:30 AM

Re: “'Marijuana' Isn't Racist

Racism is institutional and not a skin deep issue. If eliminating a few words begins a dialogue or gets America to look in the mirror, great. Should marijuana be the 'M-word'? Yeah that would solve a lot of problems, just like the 'N-word' did.

Posted by Wister Haines on 06/13/2016 at 12:49 PM

Re: “A Summit for the Future

Our terrain "...makes flat land hard to come by."

Eureka's miles of gulches lends itself to a spectacular resource for trails that wouldn't simply improve the health of some of this state's least-healthy people, they would immediately increase the values of surrounding property and make it difficult for homeless families, teens and veterans to "trespass".

Humboldt County's resistance has little to do with terrain. Trails are "liberal". Period.

This is the first I've read about this trail in a long time. Looks like local media reflects the values of the locals.

Thank you.

Posted by Vernon Warren on 06/13/2016 at 12:06 AM

Re: “'Marijuana' Isn't Racist

Russ Belville, I believe that sinsemilla (Spanish "seedless") originally referred to leaves and bud from the sort of high-potency, hybridized female plants that Humboldt County is so well known for. I have not heard the term in decades, probably owing to the fact that all weed seems to be sinsemilla nowadays, so it has become redundant. I agree that "cannabis" sounds unnaturally clinical in comparison with "weed."

Posted by Joel Mielke on 06/10/2016 at 5:33 PM

Re: “'Marijuana' Isn't Racist

Another reason for "marijuana" - it's more accurate. "Marijuana" is the dried, flowering tops of female cannabis prepared for smoking. Usually, it is "sinsemilla", if we want to be more accurate. When people tell me they "smoke cannabis", I ask them if they "eat cow and drink ethanol" and say, what's the name of your canis lupus familiaris?

You're absolutely right about it being a whitewash. It's people who feel shame and stigma of being "marijuana" users who feel the need to figleaf themselves with "cannabis".

Unless you're in Europe or Australia. Then go ahead and call it "cannabis".

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Posted by Russ Belville on 06/09/2016 at 10:53 PM

Re: “'Marijuana' Isn't Racist

legalize, regulate and TAX? nonono...

decriminalize, educate and EVOLVE!

free the weed!

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Posted by sorry, ben james yokel, but... on 06/09/2016 at 7:46 AM

Re: “'Marijuana' Isn't Racist

legalize, regulate and tax? nonono....decriminalize, educate and EVOLVE! free the weed!

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Posted by i was with you up to... on 06/09/2016 at 7:42 AM

Re: “'Marijuana' Isn't Racist

good read, i agree. fyi marijuana prohibition has a lot more to do with keeping everybody down, physically and mentally, not just certain races. i always and only say marijuana when refering to marijuana. it just sounds fu nny, and has never, not even minutely, been a derogatory term of any kind in my life. or, of any kind...bud! we cant let this word go, and if it becomes taboo, i will own it like the B's own the N and the G's own the F.

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Posted by marijuana marijuana marijuana marijuana on 06/09/2016 at 7:24 AM

Re: “'Marijuana' Isn't Racist

The slang term “marijuana” enjoys a secure place in the American lexicon but throughout the 19th century, Americans used the name “cannabis” when referring to the plant. Pharmaceutical companies including Bristol-Myers Squib and Eli Lilly used cannabis in medicines – widely sold in U.S. pharmacies – to treat insomnia, migraines, pain, glaucoma, and rheumatism. Between 1840 and 1900, U.S. scientific journals published hundreds of articles touting the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

The Mexican Revolution culminated in 1910. Following the upheaval of the war, scores of Mexican peasants migrated to U.S. border states, bringing with them cannabis, their popular form of intoxication, what they termed “mariguana.”

In an effort to marginalize the new Mexican migrant population who were known to use cannabis, the first anti-cannabis laws were targeted at the term “marijuana." Scholars say it’s no coincidence that the first U.S. cities to outlaw pot were located in border states. It is widely believed that El Paso, Texas, was the first U.S. city to ban cannabis, when it approved a measure in 1914 prohibiting the sale or possession of the drug.

The US Government has been lying to the people about cannabis ever since! Not a single overdose death from cannabis in all medical history! Tobacco, booze and big pharma kill over 650,000 US Citizens per year. The truth about cannabis is OUT and the feds will never again be able to put it back in the closet.

Legalize, regulate and TAX!

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Posted by Ben James Yokel on 06/09/2016 at 7:21 AM

Re: “Bye, Bye Night Sky

Who was it that stood by and let this situation develop? Who has been cashing the cannabis check for years while turning a blind eye to the resulting damage in the community and the environment? The growers have been allowed to break all the rules with no consequences, yet I'm supposed to feel sorry that not all is well in paradise. Great example: my friend's house burnt down two weeks ago and he can't get a building permit to construct a new house from the asshats who run the so-called planning department, yet illegal grading, unsustainable water diversions, and unpermitted 10,000 square foot greenhouses are a-okay. The only thing that is happening here is that southern Humboldt's collective karma is catching up with it and the community is being destroyed by the very industry that it created. You made your bed - now lie in it.

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Posted by Roundup on 06/07/2016 at 8:44 AM

Re: “Bye, Bye Night Sky

Let's hope this and other letters and articles enlighten the growers for the need to cover their greenhouses when lights are on during the night. I think all of us need to stand up and say enough is enough. It's one thing to ruin the night ambiance on your own property, but it interrupts natural processes for all living things. Keep reminding everyone. All the grow stores should have informational handouts about the need for darkness. I say call the county and complain if asking a grower politely does no good. Even porch lights are a nuisance, if you ask me.

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Posted by Tall Trees on 06/02/2016 at 11:59 AM

Re: “In Remembrance

Great article with a great story to be told. Good job Chag. Your old friend Coco

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Posted by Adrienne Lent on 05/30/2016 at 9:47 PM

Re: “SLAPP Back

Thank you for writing this article. I would like to point out a few inaccuracies and kindly ask that you make corrections as soon as possible. You have made several potentially harmful and misleading comments that I would like to clarify. I really wish you would have emailed me (you should have access to it) before publishing this article to get the facts straight. I have taken Journalism classes elsewhere, so this article really upsets me and I feel obligated to speak up. Please fix it and inform readers of these errors immediately.

1) Black Water is not a documentary - it is a fictional short and NONCOMMERCIAL narrative that explores how Killer Whales may feel in a captive environment, takes a critical look at the issue of keeping them and other animals in captivity, and above all provides an inspirational message for people who struggle through depression. It illuminates our emotions, how they can pull each of us down, and that in the end there is meaning to it all.

I wanted to tell this story in Black Water because so many people or their friends/family face depression each day and it's important to know there are reasons for what we go through, and that better days may come. The script is actually based on my own experiences with depression.

2) In regards to "Affolter made the unreleased documentary using footage of Kiska taken surreptitiously by an unnamed Marineland employee." - this is completely FALSE. None of my footage was obtained from Marineland employees.

3) In regards to "Considering how much time, effort and money PETA has spent defending Naruto's right to a selfie, I'd bet PETA won't leave Affolter high and dry in this lawsuit." - This is misleading and connotatively sends the wrong message. Neither PETA nor any other organization has given me funds in support of the film or defending the lawsuit.

4) In regards to "If you make a video that you don't ever charge people a penny to see, but it ends up raising substantial amounts of money for organizations that fight for causes related to the film's subject matter, does that categorize your film as commercial? The connection seems flimsy." - This makes it seem like my film is meant as a fundraiser for organizations, which it isn't. Furthermore, no money has been raised at all in terms of ticket sales or promoting the film, all I've raised is for legal costs to defend myself and as I said these organizations have not assisted me. My film is strictly noncommercial and is simply a passion project. While I am a part of organizations, this project is separate from those entities.

Even if you didn't intend, this article is very biased and inaccurate and needs to be fixed. Please keep facts straight in the future.

Zach Affolter

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Posted by ZachAffolter on 05/26/2016 at 5:02 PM

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