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Re: “'Unfit for a Free Society'

hmmmm my heart is broken many ways feeling all sides and instead of punish punish throw him/her in prison for life, we should ask ouselves how did this happen? i too think when people use drugs especially not having spirit in right place not taught given love, well others can control manipulate take advantage of these situations. I help raise and grew up with over 200 foster children, my foster/adopted mother Vicki Brown took in many probation kids. most/ALL ran cause the life given to them was to "normal' they run or rather go back to juvinille hall cause thats all they knew, kinda like asking ourselves, "why does she go back to that guy who beats her?" I ran away with art music my dad gave me. Im not defending Bodhii just know he grew up in a tough world and in year of 1995 i know my sibilngs, every foster child, everyone in juvinille hall was put on ridilyn...i was secretly given paxil, colonapin its no wonder i went down dark roads due to present past system failing us, but as an individual i cross the bridge to brighter times to share my experience and truths, hoping for a brighter future maybe part of the blame is within the system of quickly treating with drugs cause its easier and cheaper, a bunch of guinni pigs. LOOK...85-95 and NOW foster care... i see so many times the children who were not adoptable out, i want to cry but true...went back home to non functionble parents, i cry, the ones like myself struggle to hold onto our children. a cruel judge mental world so quick to judge and not even think of all the dynamics. DRUGWAR is to blame we are all to blame. I love you DAD, Christina(wish i stayed blessed(mother of 2 boys 3&4..sometimes we stay cause such loving art collective, i looking for safe family, having my own apartment at time... i did not sleep there that night leaving a few hrs before scene...sometimes i wonder if i was target water being put in gas tank...parked there...i cry cause somewhere within theres ituitive truth but the system..I cry. Christina laying her head on my shoulder, fall asleep looking for security somewhere within (beautiful caring sweet girl). i remember just meeting sunshine few days before returning to heaven...we enjoyed watching Unico, discovering so much in common in such little time, so smiling. happy confident caring kid. i do not believe even Bodhi knows what happened none of us do untill we begin to peel the onion layers back and face the truths. Please everyone where more connected then we ever can imagine, help your brothers and sisters, really what would jesus do? See a strugelling parent, a distressed person, help them life just isnt about partying and working. I cry cause of ignorance so many quick to say hes black, it was a rape... IGNORANCE. Greed is the root of all evil, FEAR, control, JEALOUS HATERS cause insecurities, BULLIES, parent not there , families torn apart... IT TAKES A WHOLE VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD! START ACTING LIKE A COMMUNITY, a tribe its the first HOMEROOT CHAKRA at age 5 we identify ourself with a tribe, some dont have untill its too late. My heart goes out to all of Humboldt excpecially the children caught in the crossfire and the veterans..(foster children of the drug war since civil war the 80s and now! we can change.Lamplighter rainbow warrior. Legalize weed we might begin to heal, make revenue... STATE WELLNESS PROGRAM. They are advertising foster care on street corners of parks and at farmers market. Wake the fuck up! you all matter especially our children of the future. love peace UNITY harmony beauty vibrations creation... spirit of the people is more powerful than mans technology and when people recognize they're power, the power to CHANGE than ANYTHING is possible. I love you Christina and ALAN.

Posted by Avarey Brandenburg on 10/20/2014 at 1:26 AM

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