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Re: “Barbecue Update: Chicken Bomb

Sheesh, you and your fanciness. Plates. Forks. Napkins. Tyranny!

Posted by Linda Stansberry on 04/16/2014 at 1:08 PM

Re: “Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

Yummo! Wild Oaks is smokin' good! Thanks, Rob, for all your years of dedication to your craft.

Posted by Elizabeth Guggenbickler on 04/16/2014 at 12:50 PM

Re: “Barbecue Update: Chicken Bomb

Nice! Way to go, Rob. Wild Oaks Grill rocks!

Posted by Elizabeth Guggenbickler on 04/15/2014 at 7:46 PM

Re: “Pie Hard

I'm willing to go on record and say that pie is better than cake.

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Posted by Anna N Dave Davison on 04/04/2014 at 2:46 PM

Re: “Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

No sandwiches+overpriced feedlot meat= waste of $ in my book

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Posted by Pete Olsen on 04/02/2014 at 6:52 PM

Re: “Old Ale, New Tricks

Suddenly everyone is a brewer. I hope that the journalist did not hype up the description because the EEL river porters will be disappointed when I have a NEW favorite.
Actually that I have actually re"read the process. I am SOLD.

Posted by maeg55 on 03/15/2014 at 3:42 PM

Re: “The Veal Deal

Grammar Nazi says, "Bon appetito." Remember, it's an Italian restaurant.

Posted by Scott W. Binder on 03/14/2014 at 12:19 PM

Re: “The Veal Deal

Veal, like Goose liver, will inevitably be banned for the cruelty it imposes on the animal.

Bon appetite.

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Posted by Alan Moss on 03/13/2014 at 11:12 PM

Re: “Doughnut Evolution: Update

If Cherry Blossom runs out (I generally like to buy local as a first choice) try the Safeway in Eureka. They now carry the plain, glazed version.

Posted by G. Gilbert Yule on 03/02/2014 at 7:45 AM

Re: “Sandwich Porn

Mmmmm delicious!

Posted by Linda Stansberry on 02/21/2014 at 1:53 PM

Re: “Bar None

The article fails to tell us if the steak is grass fed beef. If it isn't I don't want to eat it even if it is made the right way.

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Posted by Sylvia De Rooy on 02/14/2014 at 6:24 PM

Re: “Puffery

The last chicken pot pie I had was at Crush in Arcata and while not as puffed pastry it was homemade and delicious and also only $8 with an organic green salad.

Posted by Jason D Myer on 01/14/2014 at 2:15 PM

Re: “Puffery

Cafe Brio's chicken pot pie rocks! I have trouble ordering anything else on the menu if I happen to be there around lunchtime :-(

Posted by Margaret on 01/13/2014 at 7:55 PM

Re: “Puffery

Looks like all sauce and crust and very little chicken to me. For that price I'd like to see more.

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Posted by Sylvia De Rooy on 01/13/2014 at 6:48 PM

Re: “Fieri Sighting!

Surfside, ivanhoe, no brand burger stand are my guesses!

Posted by Melissa Sanderson on 11/21/2013 at 8:12 PM

Re: “Fieri Sighting!

Toni's, Fresh Freeze, and dang it: The MOOSE LODGE in McK makes one of the best burgers around! (Tuesdays only, and you have to be a member to get in there, but sure you know someone who is!)

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Posted by Phylis Geller1 on 11/20/2013 at 8:09 PM

Re: “Fieri Sighting!

I designed a special pizza cutter for him yesterday!
Check out pics
Or Humboldt Hardware 2nd and G in Old Town…

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Posted by Easy1 on 11/20/2013 at 2:22 PM

Re: “Fieri Sighting!

I think Guy Fieri should stop by Robert Goodman Winery in Arcata to experience good food, wine and Wednesday night salsa dancing! :)

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Posted by Adriana Fintel on 11/20/2013 at 12:40 PM

Re: “Fieri Sighting!

I heard he's going to go the pita place in Arcata in the pacific outfitters parking lot on Thursday and Friday. ;)

Posted by Amber Agent-Martinez on 11/20/2013 at 11:33 AM

Re: “Honey Cone

LOVE Living the Dream! Good any day of the week, rain or shine :)

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Posted by cassiem13 on 10/02/2013 at 3:32 PM

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